My Time Capsule died this week. I’m so disappointed with apple. Of course I didn’t discover that there were overheating issues with the Time Capsule until it happened to me. The light went out on the Time Capsule and that’s it…gone. We have our baby’s photos and videos on there so it is devastating. I have googled the issue and found that you can possibly exchange it and get a new one but you will lose your data. I don’t really want another one since Apple has not fixed the problem and they only last 12 months. Boo.

So I’m going to try taking out the hard drive to save the data. I found this website which was great but discouraging at the same time: They have instructions on how to open the Time Capsule and take out the hard drive.

I am now saving all my videos on Vimeo and all my photos on Mozy. It makes more sense to do it online and not purchase new software. So in the next couple of weeks I will let you know how the data retrieval works.

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