@font-face – How does it work?

Here is a super cool example:

With CSS3 support of the @font-face selector is easy to use.
1. Upload the font file you want to use to your server
2. Embed the font, using the following CSS:
@font-face {
font-family: yourFontName ;
src: url( /location/of/font/FontFileName.ttf ) format(“truetype”);

Then use it in your css like any other font style:
.yourFont { font-family: yourFontName , verdana, helvetica, sans-serif;

Here are the supported font formats: “truetype” (ttf), “opentype” (ttf,otf), “truetype-aat (ttf), “embedded-opentype” (eot) and “scalable-vector-graphic” (svg,svgz).

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