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Spacetacular Design is a web and print design studio located in Chicago. Spacetacular has been satisfying clients with unique and innovative digital solutions. We specialize in product and web design, information architecture, search engine optimization with a focus on customizing content and building functional and accessible solutions using best practices.

We take a concept and add some spacetacular ideas into it, all while getting your message across the way you want. When you see the finished product you’ll say “It’s so out there, it’s in!”

Stephanie Harte
Stephanie Harte

I like taking something that is challenged and making it usable and beautiful. I bring philosophy and anthropology into my user experience design and 10 years of amazing technical skills into my interaction design. I love HTML5 and CSS3. Lets make the digital world more spacetacular!

Daniel Higgins
Content Marketing Specialist

As a content writing specialist, my responsibilities include conducting thorough research on industry-related topics, generating new content types, and proofreading articles before publication. I deliver quality writing that appeals to specific audiences, attracts potential customers, and boosts brand awareness. I enjoy producing online content, and have an eye for detail.

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